I'm Cherie Bobbins, a mummy to two, wife to The Huff, a maker of stuff, and raconteur of spawn related sagas.

In between baby wrangling, booby feeding, bum wiping, essential oil slinging and blogging, I sew the occasional modern quilt.

I live in Melbourne enjoying four seasons a day, and have had an overflowing, clean basket of laundry on rotation since January 2015.

Here you shall find inspirational stories, often humerous, and an invariably filthy reality of being a stay at home mum. 

It's true. I love to make things. It's in my genes. In my former life I used to make diamond engagement rings. All. Day. Long.

A jeweller, gemmologist and qualified diamond grader, I hail from a long line of butchers, bakers and leather shoe makers.

And then I made babies. My husband, The Huff and I made our two spawn a couple of years ago, Lady Cakes and Mini Huff. These two ragamuffins keep my nonfiction narrative well stocked.

So now in between baby wrangling, booby feeding, bum wiping and blogging, I make modern quilts. And an array of other pretty, useful, and pretty useful things.

I find myself here, glad to share my creations with you. I hope they inspire you to make, bake and create. 

You can now find me over on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/atthearomaco/


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